Monday, 25 June 2007

good girls

I went to Waford agility show this weekend, very nice show relaxed and my girls were very good
Jess came 2nd in grade 6 agility, Corrie came 2nd in grade 5 jumping and Tikka and cap came 7th in the mini mixi pairs, was nice to catch up with Lisa too :0))
Pictures of my good girls and their tophies and a lovely picture of Todd watching me take a picture of them !!

Thursday, 21 June 2007

One week on

This week for me has been really tough, I know that when a dog gets old you try to prepare yourself but it just never seems long enough. My other dogs have been affected Tikka looks for Tramp and Sparkie and Todd have hardly left my side, Jess thinks that anyone who is sad of course needs her to sit on their lap which would not be so bad except her elbows are extremely boney and it hurts !!

I thought that I would post this picture of my little canary who lives in the office with me ( so she is safe from the cats !) and every morning she has a fly round the office, over the last couple of years she has just got tamer and tamer and this morning I had my camera right by me and managed to get a picture of her perching on my finger usually she flies off as soon as the click goes ! her name is Chubbie and she came to me via a friend as she had tried to eat her sister, nice eh !!

Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Cap at Newton Heath

Feeling very sad here but a friend of mine sent me a picture of my hubbys Cap at Newton Heath in the Champ, I love the way he weaves.

Monday, 4 June 2007

Nottingham and some sun

Have been to Nottingham this weekend and the weather was glorious, I really like this show, the venue is lovely and being able to sit around and watch the champ class in the sun is fantastic, I managed to do a clear jumping with tikka in the champ and the got ed at the second to last fence in the agility by some rather naff handling !! so no champ final for me !! Jess ran a couple of lovely clear runs this weekend and so did corrie.

We were sent this picture of chris and cap, brilliant action shot, shows just how Cap scimmes the jump and how tight to the wing he is and this jump did not come down !!