Thursday, 31 December 2009

Just a few hours to go

Well we are nearly there 2010! This year has just wizzed by, my blogger postings have been  few and far between, agility wise I have had a really good enjoyable year, Todd and Jess are now grade 7, so I will be broke next year with champ entries lol the rest of my dogs are well and happy, Yazz is such a lovely dog, she is very funny, has a huge personality, she has many nicknames !!! She has had her 1st season, and is due to be speyed in February, so I have at least 8 weeks to get myself totally stressed out :-)

Her training was going well but the weather has put paid to anything over the christmas holidays which is really annoying as I have had 2 weeks off, and I was thinking about starting to teach her to weave, but that will have to wait now I think till after she is speyed, anyhow there is no rush.

I did Leahs festive simulated show before christmas to give Todd a practice for Olympia( ha ha ha !!!) and Leah very kindly let me run Yazz in a jumping course without any weaves in, I really did not think that she would be a ble to do that many obstacle together but I gave it a go and here was the result, I was very proud of her to say the least.

I have had some lovely walks this Christmas, even with the bad weather, walking in the snow with the dogs reminds me of being a child it is so enchanting, and I never bore of it, I know it causes kaos on the roads but it always seems so magical to me.

This is my most favourite picture of Todd in the snow.

Yesterday I went for a very wet walk to St Marthas, it is such a pretty place with a church on the top of the hill, hence the picture !!

Here are a few of my favourite pictures of my dogs from this year, and I cant believe that this time last year Yazz was soooo little !!

I would like to wish all my friends and fellow bloggers a very happy new year !!! and also would like to wish Jessie a very happy 8th Birthday tomorrow :-))

They say one persons rubbish is another persons gold, and how true is that !

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Happy Birthday Todd

Happy Birthday to my gorgeous boy, on this posting I would have loved to have put a little video of Todd running at Olympia, but unfortunately, he went lame the day before, so I had to pull out. He seems a lot better today and that is what is important, as long as I have him there will always be another Olympia.
Enjoy the pictures we had lots of fun this morning taking some of them, my feet are only just getting the feeling back in them :-) and Granma notice the ears !!! not bad for a 1st effort me thinks lol

This is Todd in his birthday pressie a couple of weeks ago, and this week as the snow started falling.

I had to add this picture of Yazz as I managed to get her to stay still for more than 10 seconds she kept trying to attack the collar!!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Happy 1st Birthday to Yazoo

4th December   2009                                                       I really cant believe that Yazz is a year today, this year has just wizzed by, I really need to do a huge catch up, but just never seem to get the time !! Yazoo has grown into such a beautiful young lady! she is such fun to have around, her and Todd are really good friends and it seems to me like she has always been here. Her agility training is going well, she is an absolute joy to train, she makes me laugh all the time, as do all of my dogs, I think that we are blessed to have these special friends to enjoy our life and our special sport with..........and for one I know that if I didnt have these wonderful friends I would have gone nutts long ago........... ok perhaps I have but just please dont tell anyone !!!  I would like to wish all the other girl power pups a very very happy birthday too ! ! so here goes HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Zaz, Itzy and Zavy with much Love Yazoo xxxx and thank you Granma for a great party x