Thursday, 31 May 2007

The Rain Has Stopped !!

The rain has stopped for a day, so off I went to take some lovely piccys of the dogs, all was going well till ahghghghg they found a bog and I hate to say but one sheltie was first in !!

A little more homework !

cherry picking !!

I wasnt trying to steal them honest !!

Monday, 28 May 2007

Saw this on my dad chi's blog and had to do it for myself, how cool is this !!
also my mum measured me today and the tape measure said that I am 14 inches so I think that I am now a medium lets hope I dont grow too much more lol lol lol

Thursday, 24 May 2007

early mornings !!

for some reason I could not sleep this morning I woke at 4.45 and try as I might could not get back to sleep so decided to take the dogs for a walk, the sun was shining at 5.45 am and every where was serene, Tramp couldn't believe that he had to walk this early !! but Todd, Tikka and Jess thought it was just marvelous, just hope they doesn't expect it every morning !!

catching !! this one is not easy !!!!

Wednesday, 23 May 2007


I did loads of gardening last night and had lots of help !! from various 4 legged friends, and took this picture of Todd when all was done, wow how quickly he has grown into a stunning young man ( very biased sorry !!)

Homework and mini me !!

Make an on-line slide show at

Last week I went to Grandmas ( Bernadettes !!) for a lesson with Todd, it was billiant she seems to have me and Todd sussed !! I have lots of homework to do !
One particular piece was to send Todd away and turn him without flapping my arms like a penguin !! I have done a little video of this with a green bin, as I dont have any jumps in my garden, the first one fairly close and the next one a good way away, and at the end of this is Todd trying his hardest to copy Sassie in the art of toy sucking !!

Friday, 11 May 2007

just a bit of nonscence

>>> 1. Go to
>>> 2. Click on 'maps'.
>>> 3. Click on 'get directions'.
>>> 4. In the Search box type in "Atlanta to Paris, France".
>>> 5. Scroll down in the directions to number 22.
>>> 6. Laugh sad the things that make me laugh but this did !!!!!

A few posy shots from last weekend !

The weather last weekend was glorious and I went with my hubby Chris (above) to watch him run at the UKA show, I was not running my dogs, but they had a great time just chilling out at the show, Chris said to me the other day Oh you don't have any pic's of me or my car on your blog ahhhhhhhh so here goes !!!!

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

How does your garden grow ??

Yes I know its a cat BUT this is Tinkerbell enjoying a hole that some one that should be nameless dug for a bit of entertainment!! The garden tables are of course are for sitting on, and Todd in my only flower bed aghghg


Had a great day catching up with friends at Haslemere, my agility wasn't up to much though !! Was lovely to see Mary's Ozz, he is so handsome and we saw Kizzy who looked gorgeous, Grandma and Granny (not sure who is who now!!) help please Lisa ! and after lots of playing Todd crashed out with his best mate Sparkie.