Saturday, 28 February 2009

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Yazoo update

I cannot believe that I have had this little bundle of mischief for three weeks already, and in other ways it feels like she has been here forever. I have been taking her to lots and lots of new places, the shops, town centre, pets at home on more than one occasion, up and down my road and to the post office, to Nancy and Andys and to their indoor school, and I think that I am going to take her to the beach tomorrow, I love the Witterings and as I start me new job next week I think that we will have a beach day out. I have got a new job in a primary school as their afternoon receptionist and I am really excited about it, when I went for the interview it was a comedy of errors, I managed to snag my finger on the school gate, and when I went into meet the three people interviewing me I managed to coat the place in blood :-) but it obviously went well as I was offered the post a couple of hours later !!

Yazoo is such a cool little character, she is very outgoing and confident, she loves her toys and is doing some really cute clicker work, she can nearly do the elephant trick and is sitting and downing and turning right and left, but her favourite thing to do is the wobble board she LOVES it ! she is fitting in really well with all the other guys and Todd really really likes her which I am pleased about to say the least, when she sees him in the morning she makes a bee line for him and jumps all over him, which makes me laugh out loud, but the thing I like best about her is she is really cuddly, it took Todd a long time to be a cuddle monster :-) She has also been given some lovely presents from my friends, so thank you for that.

Last weekend I had training morning with Leah and Jess, which was brilliant I really enjoyed it and I actually managed to do push threws for the first time properly and now I understand how to do them will try to teach them to Todd too, Andy very kindly offered to have Yazz for me, I think they had a good time together or at least thats what he said :-) here is a picture of Andy and the naughty little bundle.

Today Yazz had her 2nd jab, which I just hate, but she was fine and took it all in her stride, I will try to get some video of her later this week doing some clicker work.

Here are a couple of pictures of her today.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Just cant get enough of it !!!

I ventured to Pollys today to walk the dogs round her field and it was glorious this morning, here are a few shots of the dogs and the equipment which I thought looked lovely all covered in snow. Poor Todd came off the worst he gets snow balls so big he cant walk here I think you can see some medium sized ones !!! and Tikka gets them too but not as bad here she is sporting her new jacket.

Yazoo is doing really well and we did some walking on the lead up and down my drive today I think my neighbours think that I am mad !!! she loves the snow in the garden and bounds around effortlessly. This picture is really funny as she is attacking the camera strap !!!

Monday, 2 February 2009

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Three days on !

Today is three days since I picked up my beautiful new pup, in the last three days we have all done loads, Yazoo has been to Waitrose twice to check all the trolleys, children's play area and sliding doors, she has been to visit Auntie Nancy and Uncle Andy, has been to Guildford high street all but briefly as the weather was freezing ! she has spend a couple of hours on her own with my daughter who has fallen in love with her and wants her all to herself ( ha not chance !! as she is at College full time and cant pick up a poo !!!! :-) ) she has played with lots of toys done a little clicker training and made friends with Jess Sparkie Sassie and best of all Todd has decided that she is OK and has been playing with her today too, she loves the cats and the bunnies and also the HOOVER !!!! she has been thoroughly spoilt by all my friends receiving lots of lovely new pressies and chews but her favourite was made by Nancy's own fair hands. I am totally smitten with this little lady, she was the last pup that I looked at as I thought she was spoken for and I think she is fabulous, Bernadette puts so much work into her pups, she should be extrememly proud of herself so a very big thank you goes to Granma !!

Todd did a small group training session on Saturday taken by Andy and it was great, we did some really interesting jumping sequences that showed up lots of my body handling errors, which is just the sort of thing that you need, its good to see where you need to improve and also I find it amazing that Todd works so much on my body language which is brilliant, I feel so motivated to train at the moment and cant wait for the show season to begin. Yazoo came into the school while I was doing this and she was good, she settled in her little pod with snuggle safe heater in and slept. Then Andy very kindly looked after Yazoo and Nancy and I took all our dogs for a lovely walk.

Today I went to Guildford early then for a walk then to visit Polly and also to do some training, I did some contact proofing with Todd, and a few short exercises with Jess, that Hannah and I had discussed which again showed up some handling discrepancies, and I also just did some plain and simple circles with Corrie, which gets her going ahead. Yazoo again came out and met the lovely Zazzy and then we came back and now have about 2 inches of snow, I wish that it was day as I have been belly laughing watching my dogs playing around in it, this picture is of Meg cuddling Yazoo and she really didn't want me to take the picture ha ha ha I know just how she feels ! and of Todd and Yazoo on the sofa asleep. This little video is of Yazoo playing with Nancy's present. Just make sure you turn the sound down then you wont have to listen to my innate ramblings !!!!