Thursday, 4 September 2008

KC festival and DINAS

A serious catch up needed I think !!

It seems ages ago now, but the weather seems to have stayed the same !!

The KC festival was in one word HUGE ! there were so many rings it was a bit mindblowing, and having three dogs at different sizes and different grades was a bit mad to say the least !! I did have a really nice weekend here though it was Dennis's birthday on the thursday night and we all went and had cake and drinks to celebrate, and I had my first ride in one of the buggies too, which was fun, I have always wanted to go in one how sad is that :0> Corrie, did really well and qualified for the Novice Cup, but unfortunately she knocked the long jump down in the final, Jess also did really well, but not in the British open lol lol. Todd seems to have been on a bit of a roll, he had 3 wins here, I am so so proud of this little chap, he is such good fun to run and he is getting more and more confident as the season has gone on, he is also getting stronger, and in fact in full view for all to see and guess who came to watch him run !!! ............. he actually broke his wait for the first time ever, I did though manage to call him before he went flying up the dogwalk !! and put him back, on the start, and I think we continued to do one of the worst runs EVER, never mind that's what happens when you really want it to go well. Huge well done to Hannah and Nancy and Granma for qualifying for Olympia, and commiserations for Lisa and Chi who were doing a lovely run and just had a little hic up at the end, but huge well done to them for Winning the British Open :0)

Todd showing off some of his winnings from KC and Dinas.

I came back from the KC festival on Sunday and then went to DINAS on Monday morning, the week was good, the company was great and my dogs did work really well, Jess won a jumping class and came 3rd in an agility class but bummed out on all her qualifying runs, there is a theme here I think !, Todd again was really good and had two 1st and a 2nd and he qualified for the final, which he ran brilliantly but I did a real goofy bit on handling and he had no choice but to drop a pole, I think I need to stop babying him so much, The Toddster is now grade 5 after 7 KCshows, so I think he needs the winter to train his mum, lol,

Mega gratz to Andy and Kizzy who won the small 3 -5 final and had just one or two 1st places :0>

I have sent Todd KCs book off this week as he has achieved his bronze warrant, how exciting is that, I have never logged any of my dogs points before, but my friend Lorna said to me make sure you write down his places for future reference and I am so pleased that I did it as I am usually useless at this sort of thing.

Here is a brilliant pictures of Delilah and Tinkerbell playing under Sassies new raised bed ! I brought it for here as she has been really stiff lately and I thought she would find it really comfy, but it was in the house for a bout 5 mins and these two thought it was the best thing since slided bread, to hide and attack each other under !

And the last picture is a panoramic view of Todd helping me cut the grass (not !!!)