Monday, 24 November 2008

Lots of pictures

Not a lot to say but lots of pictures, Tikka had just been groomed and looked so cute, Corrie, and Todd with my favourite tree behind them the silver birch, and a cool group one, Jess on her own and Sassie and Sparkie together.

I love the shot of the full moon that I took a couple of weeks ago and I took about 80 pictures and these are the two that I liked the most, the sunset was from last week when I went for a lovely long walk with Nancy and at the end of the walk the light was fading and the most beautiful sunset was to be seen for a few min's.

Johanna is over from Denmark and I went to watch her do some HTM at the weekend, she did really well, both Soda and Spooky are gorgeous.

Monday, 10 November 2008

North Downs and Nancy's training day

This weekend I went to North Downs show on Saturday, I did ring party which was really good fun, I really enjoyed the show the venue is superb, it was nice to see lots of people that I hadn't seen for a while and Jess was in 3 classes, I managed to get Ed in the jumping and missed a weave entry in one of the agility's but came 6th in the other one, I am really pleased with Jess's contacts at the moment they are definitely our weakest link, but she came to me with a lot of confrontational issues and it has taken me a long time to get her over this and this year I really feel that she is totally relaxed and is accepting my presence at the end of the contact which is 1st prize to me in itself.

Saturday night would have been a lovely night in watching strictly and Merlin my favourites !! but at exactly 11.00 pm my lovely (not) neighbours decided that it was the perfect time to let off 1 and a 1/2 hours of the loudest fireworks I think that I have ever heard, Sassie bless her has gone deaf so for the first time in nearly 13 years she did not worry about them, Corrie was a little anxious but poor Todd was absolutely petrified, he had been given anxiety and the DAP had been going for a week and I put his coat on like a tea shirt, but he was so scared it made me cry I have never seen this little guy frightened of anything he was behind my neck like a stole and he was shaking, it makes me so angry why do we have to put up with fireworks for 3 weeks + every year and they just about stop and then start again for new year aghghg

Sunday was Nancy's training day which I was looking forward to, I love the way Nancy trains she is always so clear in what she requires of you, she keeps the group moving and is very inuative about dog and handler, I have put a little video together of a couple of excises that we did, I think that it shows the bit that I threw my ball over the finish line and manged to throw it directly at poor Dagmar !! I had a yummy baked potatoe and beans and cheese for lunch courtesy of Polly ( thank you for that Polly !) then came home and had someone come to see my cages that were out of the Vito which were brought, so I now have some money towards my new ones :0)

Today has just been a total washout I took the dogs out for an hour and a half and I am afraid that was all they got as it took me nearly that long to clear them up again. I am looking forward to some nice cold DRY weather so that I can clear up my leaves in the garden :0)

Thursday, 6 November 2008


An exciting post (well for me anyway !!) as my friends and fellow blog followers will know my van spent a large proportion of its life in the garage, and to be honest I got to the stage it was costing me more than the house to run ! so it went on a one way trip to the nice garage and I part exed it for a lovely new van called Wexford !! he is a VW Caddy, candy white in appearance ( well nearly, he is man enough to wear pink paw prints, in fact he has 7 courtesy of Bernadette :0) ) 6 months old and fantastic to drive, I LOVE him !! just waiting now to get my cages fitted which should be in at the end of January, already I am noticing a difference on the fuel consumption. Picture to come later !

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Happy 12th Birthday Sparkie :0>

Happy Birthday gorgeous boy xxxxxxxx