Monday, 26 April 2010

Natural Instinct

This post is to say a very big thank you to Natural Instinct for agreeing to sponsor me and my dogs, I am so impressed with this raw food, it is extremely high quality and my dogs love it. I have been feeding my dogs raw food for many years, and this is definitely the best pre-made food that I have found on the market.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Wallingford woo hoo

I thought that I would post some videos of Todd, as Nancy was so kind to video him this weekend and he was such a star !! I had a wonderful Wallingford :-) Todd came back with 3 x wins ( this does not happen very often lol ) and a second on the Team Dash with Nancy, Rosie and Jennie, and a 2nd in the pairs with the lovely Zeki. I love this picture of Todd and Zeki with their haul from Saturday, which was take by Liza with Nancy's camera how cute !!!!




Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Oh dear !!

Oh dear, where do I start yet again my poor blog has been neglected!

Lots going on at the moment I am trying to move after being here for nearly 21 years, so there is a vast amount of unused items that will be making a one way trip :-) and I have promised myself that my Magpie days are over for good! Not sure where I will be moving to yet, I just need to secure a buyer for my house first then the dilemma will start, a big decision to make but hopefully one that will be fun too.

Dan and Meg, Dan always manages blink in a picture!! Lovely Flowers :-)

It is nearly my beautiful daughters 18th birthday, where have the last 18 years gone? It only seems like yesterday that she was a babe in arms. It was my birthday a few days ago and I had the best birthday I can ever remember, I spent the day with Meg ( my daughter) who spoilt me bringing me the most gorgeous bunch of flowers and other pressies, then in the evening I had a Hannah, Polly, Lorna, Rosie, Jennie and Amanda round for Chinese yum yum !! Well I thought that my diet could hang for one day! Then the next day I went to Nancy’s for lunch which was made by Bern and very very yummy that was too and it was healthy doesn’t get much better than that, then onto a night of training for 3 hours with all my dogs it was great but boy was I tired the next day !The following day ( I thought that I would string this one out a bit lol ) I went to meet my son in London for Lunch with Meg and we had a wonderful day so thank you so much to my family and friends for making my birthday so great, and for all my lovely presents Xxx

Now onto my fantastic dogs, they are all just the best bunch of woofs around :-) I know that a few people will disagree with me lol Agility wise the season has started really well, but I felt very ring rusty, but as the shows have gone on I am feeling more confident, Todd is running really well at the moment and I am looking forward to the show season really getting underway, Jess is running well but we are not together at the moment, so I need to do lots of training with her to get our competition relationship back. Below is a picture of Todd winning my an Easter egg, thank you Toddster :-) The other picture with Yazz and her ring really makes me laugh.

Moving on to Yazoo,s first UKA show well what can I say she was just fantastic, happy, motivated her contacts are looking good and she even got a 2nd place in her first steeplechase competion, I am so very proud of her, she enjoyed it so much and wasn't fazed by anything else that was going on, made my day, thank you Yazz you rock!!! I know we have lots and to learn together and I can't wait we will have a ball.
You can see her first few runs on Berns blog I will try to upload her very first run later this week as I had problems with it earlier today. Below are some lovely pictures of our day at the UKA show, Yazz with her rosette and also her very clever sister with her 1st place, the group picture is very cute as all these pups started their pre agility class together and they all got a place at their first show.The show was lovely, the sun shone and the company was fantastic. I will just mention here that someone that should be nameless lol won 3 red rosettes at UKA on friday :-) well done Nancy and Zeki ! and also a huge cheer to Hannah and her lovely girls for their fantastic runs this weekend x