Sunday, 27 April 2008

Todds 1st run at uka

Well by no means perfect, and yes I did have to jump him as he shot back up the dog walk !! but I came away a happy chappy today, I know I have lots more to work on, but his wait was really good he worked well in a completely different location, not quite sure why he shot off the end of the dog walk that we should not have done but, I did run him again in the pay on the day and he got all his contacts well and did do the weaves after a couple of attemps, but how good was it to be able to just train your dog in a show environment ! I cant wait for next weekend now :0) thanks also to Granma Bernadette and Granny Lisa for being so supportive today and it didn't rain any time that I ran which was a huge bonus as I just HATE running in the rain.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Nearly there !

I have been very quiet on the blog front recently as I took the task of decorating my lounge on, funny isn't it you look at your lounge and think oh that wont take long ........... well it did in fact it took 5 days in total and I still need to gloss the doors, but I am going to wait till the weather is a bit better as with 6 dogs and 3 cats running around the house I don't fancy the fur look on the door !! anyway helping me show off my recent handy work it Todd in various poses throughout the lounge !!
I have added a picture of my daughters bunnies, Feather and Frodo, as they are so cute together, and also a picture of Todd 1st thing this morning in the bluebells just cause I like it:0)

I have been doing lots of training with Todd recently and have been to Nancy's for a very enjoyable Saturday morning training and lunch yum yum !! and we have just gone back after a 2 week break to north downs, Todd is really enjoying his training at the moment and I will try to post a couple of videos in the near future.

Well done to all who qualified for the European open especially Bernadette Lisa and Leah:0)

Thursday, 10 April 2008

This is especially for Nancy as I know how much she loves mud :0)) Little monster asked to go out into the garden then came back into the office, with feet looking like this NICE not !!

Sunday, 6 April 2008


Saturday was my birthday and I was meant to be at Scunthorpe............... but I have got a stinking cold and stayed at home instead, Chris went and got into the Champ final and ran past jump number 17 durrrrrrrrrrr long way to go bless him, as he didn't have a pairs either as I was here :0)

I had a very lazy morning, then took the dogs for a long walk, then did some weave training with Todd in the after noon, I had a bit of help with Gran ma when I went to see the pups last week, and have put the clear plastic guides on the V weaves and he is going through them really well, so I will continue to do this then gradually take them away, then I had a really lazy evening too, which is not like me at all as I really like to be on the go.

Chris brought me a new camera for my birthday it is a canon G9 powershot, so I will now be boring you lot even more with loads more pictures !!!! Here are a couple of pictures that I have taken with it, this is a weird thing that is like a panorama scene and it merges your pictures together, any way I liked it :0) perhaps Lian might like to help me with this lol lol lol

A couple of Todd in the snow this morning.

My house has now been re plastered and I now think that it was worth all the hard work, as it looks lovely, now just to paint it.

Well done to everyone that went to scrambles on Friday and Saturday especially Lian and Rosie who just won loads.

On my phone 1st thing in the morning!

Sunday morning I woke up really early, must have been all the extra sleep I have had the last couple of days and there was a blanket of snow all over the garden, it looked really beautiful, but not the nicest of conditions to drive in, but I had promised Chris that we could go to uka on Sunday, so I wrapped up really warm put all the dogs coats on and I mean coats they all had two on !! and off we set to Walton on Thames for the UKA show, I thought that it may have been cancelled but it hadn't, Chris and I had a lovely walk for about an hour before the show, they dogs had a ball, I don't think that Todd has seen snow this deep before and he and sparkie ran round like a couple of loons eating the snow and generally having a lovely time, trouble is when you eat snow you need to peeeeee ha ha ha I have never seen two boys pee so much before !

I decided not to run my dogs at the show because I am a wimp and did not want them to hurt themselves or me to fall over, and Chris didn't run either, so was a bit of a waste of time going really but the walk was nice anyhow!

I then came back about 12.3o and thought that I would update my blog for a change ! post some pictures with my new camera any thing is better than rubbing the radiators down to repaint them :0) mmm enough of that back to the radiators now.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Quick post

So much going on at the moment, last week my work computer crashed and I had to get a new one, however nice it is to have a much smarter looking computer with a really good screan, how long does it take to upload and download everything you had on your previous computer, just so that you can do all your normal day to day things aghgh.

My lounge is also being re plastered at the moment, as I thought a couple of months ago that it would be a really nice to be able to just paint the lounge and not have to re wall paper it, so I started wall paper stripping about 6 weeks ago, and didnt realise that in total there were 6 layers of wall paper on most of the walls, NEVER AGAIN !! I also realised why the previous owners had wall papered not painted the walls were in a terrible state any way this is what my lounge looks like now not very pretty !! and six dogs in my bedroom and office is a bit of a squeeze but they seem to be quite happy lying on my bed all day !!

I went to see the pups on Tuesday and they are all really gorgeous, and little mouse is so funny and just too cute for words.

I am off to scrambles UKA on Friday and Sunday and to Scunthorpe on Saturday so will post again next week.