Monday, 30 June 2008

The weekend

Chris had qualified for the Royal Canin finals on Saturday night, and had a judging appointment on Saturday for the UKA show, he thought long and hard wether to do it, but felt that it would make him think about something else for a while, so I scrimed on Saturday for him and he judged at the show, at the end of the show they ran the final, and compared to last year in the rain, the weather was glorious, Shaun Hunt judged the final, the course was just right some handling and a good course to watch. Chris did a lovely clear round and ended up 3rd, Lisa did a lovely clear round and won the medium, I did video Lisa and Chi on my phone, durrr wish I had thought to video chris too, but it only dawned on me after he ran that I could have videoed him too never mind, I will upload the video of Lisa's run in the next couple of days.

I ran both Jess and Todd at the uka show, Jess did a lovely training run in the agility and Todd had a run by in Chris's class, and I did a training run in his agility, his A frame was really good, I love the UKA shows especially for a young dog, its so good to be able to train in the ring :0)

Sunday was St. Edwards show, and I had 4 runs with Jess and 3 runs with Todd, Corrie is still not running at the moment as she cut her foot at Hinckley and it has only just healed it was not particularly deep but right on the edge of her paw and she kept catching it and making it bleed.

Jess ran brilliantly all day, she came 8th in the 6 - 7 jumping and 5th in the 5 - 6 jumping, in the kc qualifier, she was doing a lovely run, but I gave her a wrong turn command, and for a change she actually did as I asked and ended up back jumping a jump, really I was over the moon with her as she would usually go the way she wanted to go. Then in the grade 6 agility her see saw was a bit over zelous and she flew it, this is her worst contact, as I think some one who will at this time be nameless posted a picture of her on their blog doing exactly that !

mmmmm and Todd had 3 runs, what can I say, I think that I was maybe a little greedy !! he won 2 classes and came 2nd in the other one, unfortunately I don't have any of them on video, but he ran his heart out, he is really enjoying it and I just get such a buzz from running him too, he gives his all every time I have run him, he is strutting down to the ring in his harness, which I now think he has associated with going to run, as the second it goes on him he tells everyone where he is going, it makes me laugh not sure that everyone else finds it that funny but hey there you go life's tough eh :0)
Todd just looking toooooooo cute for words :0)

and this is what Delila thought of Jessie's rossette !!

On the way home from the show, we went for a lovely walk at our local woods and we ended getting home at about 9 oclock very tired but very happy.


This has infact been a really tough week, Chris lost his Dad Fred on Tuesday night, he passed away in his sleep, just six months after his dear Mum passed away............ pretty tough for Chris and his family. Sleep well dear Fred and I do hope that you and Edna are backtogether again.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Todd at Bretons

What a weekend

This was Todds first KC outing this weekend, and I was really excited and scared, I had done a fair amount of training in the last couple of weeks, as he had not done very much at all for the last 6 weeks because of a nasty nail bed infection.

Thursday I went to granmas, to do a couple of easy courses, which made me feel a lot better, as he was a very good boy, and she gave me lots of confidence.

Saturday was Watford and we had grade 1 - 3 jumping 1st, which went really well but I pushed him past the weave entrance and then had a run by, but I came out of there feeling on top of the world, as he did a lovely wait and was completely focused on me and ran just like he does in training, then we had 1 - 3 agility, which was a lovely course, it was just such a long stretch on the way back, I pulled him past a jump, but the rest of it was lovely, but by the time I came over the finish line a couple of friends were chuckling at the colour of my rather red face, I ran really fast !! but no way fast enough (note to self must get fitter :0)) Lian very kindly taped both my 1st runs for me, which you can watch here as I have a lovely new sony handycam, but cannot upload them into the movie maker on my computer......... anyone with any ideas would be gratefully received. The last class I had that day was the mini mixi pairs and Todd did a lovely clear round in this. I came back from the show so proud of my boy, he really worked his little socks off for me and the mistakes made were mine.

Sunday was Bretons, and my first run with Todd was 1-3 jumping, he did a lovely run in this but I gave him a command too early and he knocked a pole and missed his weave entrance, but once again I was over the moon with the way he is working. Jess had a lovely run in her agility, it was grade 6 - 7 combined and she came 7th , I just love running her, she is so happy.

Next came 3 - 7 agility which was as it should be a harder course, I walked it and really did not think that Todd would get his weave entrance as it was quite hard, and the weaves were the last thing that I taught Todd and really are not quite up to scratch yet, but I cant believe this, he went clear and we came 2nd, if I am picky with myself, I know that I pulled him off the aframe a bit too quickly but I was so excited and I am just so proud of him, he is such fun to work and I love him to bits. The last class I did with him was mini mixi pairs again with Andy but this time I did not go clear !!! I pulled him off a jump and stood still out of a cloth tunnel which he stopped, but Andy did a lovely clear round I will post the video of his run at Breton, later today.

This weekend also, I collected our lovely new addition to our family, her name is Delilah and she is one of the gorgeous kittens that Leah hand reared, she is officially Megs cat and she will be adored, here are some pictures of her, she is just so funny and cute, and Meg just loves her. I am not sure that Tinkerbell is as impressed though!! here she is playing and at Bretons in her little pink harness.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Newton Heath

We left for Newton Heath on Friday lunch time and had a great journey up and arrived at 5 o'clock just in time to actually do our runs, which we thought that we would have missed. Two really nice flowing courses which were not too testing to run, even though not walked ! Jess had a pole down in the jumping and came 6th in the grade 6 / 7 agility, this was our first clear for a little while and I was over the moon with the way she ran, I have been finding lately that she seems to have popped up a gear and once again I am having real trouble turning her, lol no surprise there then.

The camping location and the weather and company for the weekend was really nice and laid back, there was a lovely wooded walk for the dogs which they enjoyed, as you came into the venue there were literally hundreds of deer, they looked stunning in the sun, this venue reminds me of Longleat, it is so pretty.

Jess had 3 runs on Saturday, she came 3rd in the jumping class and 5th in the agility class, and did one of the best agility runs she has ever done and had the last pole down aghggh, at the time of running which was nearly the end of the class she had the fasted time, including the 5 faults, I know it was my fault for not continuing to run, I think I celebrated too soon !! will teach me I think :0)

The Champ class was very testing and only 8 dogs got through to the big dog final unfortunately Chris was not one of them :0(

Jess had another 3 runs on Sunday and she did a really good run in the grade 6 agility and we ended up 4th, I managed to E her in the crufts, and a pole came down in her jumping, but all in all it was the best weekend competing we have had this year ! so roll on Watford......

Monday, 2 June 2008

Bits and Pieces and lots of Good luck to Meg x

Hmmmm not been the greatest blogger recently, lots going on………. I have not been feeling particularly well and have had a blood test which revealed I have a virus……. So watch this space could mean anything I may be changing into a two headed monster ha ha thank you I’m not quite there yet Nancy !!!!!

Todd is only just back training as he has had a nasty nail bed infection which has seemed to go on forever. I went to Nancy and Andy training last week firstly to officially meet Nancy’s gorgeous new pup Zeki who is absolutely scrummy, and then to go on to do some training with Todd and Jess, I really enjoyed the training session both with Todd and with Jess, Todd was totally focused throughout the whole session which was really good as he has not been there before and he is now used to numbers the size of houses lol lol and he did not target them either so thank you for incorporating all those things into our lesson, then on the way back my van had a blow out and I had to wait ages for Green flag to come to rescue me boo hoo, that was not the nicest experience ever.

Then we were off to Hinckley for the weekend, nothing of great significance happened with me and my dogs, although I had a really good weekend, Jess did some really good runs, I came 7th in a jumping class and Chris and I came 7th in the PC pairs, Chris also ran Corrie in her KC Olympia as I was not feeling too great and he did a stonking run and had a pole down, but it was really nice seeing her run for someone else. I had a great show, but I don’t think that I am running Jess with my usual enthusiasm at the moment, but I am feeling a lot better so hopefully will be back to running again properly by Thames. But Hinckley was such a nice show especially as Granma made Hex a Champion, when she was on the start line I had palpitations so goodness knows how she felt, and what a great run so pleased for the both of them, and also I had a special treat I got to run Zen, what a star she is, it is really weird she is just like running a big dog, she runs just like a collie, and she got beautiful contacts and she waited but I really mucked her up going to the Aframe as I switched behind her poor dog, but thank you Grandma I really enjoyed running her.

Did some really nice bits with Todd this morning, and then took everyone for a lovely walk to Puttnam, all dogs really appreciated a really good walk, Meg has lots of exams this week so really good luck , not long to go Megs and it will all be over and you can really start to enjoy your summer xxxxx Thames this weekend and hopefully lots of celebrating to do !!!!

Thank you to Dennis for this brilliant picture of the Rabid dog :0)