Monday, 9 July 2007

Todd and I have another lesson on Thursday night with Bernadette which was brilliant, had lots of fun and again lots of homework to do.

Cats and St Edwards show this weekend, we all had an very enjoyable weekend, apart from Friday night Kathy , Mac and me saw a budgie that was flying free, we managed to catch it but it did not last the night real shame.

Jess had a few really nice places 5th in jumping and 11th in jumping and Saturday night we did this new gamblers competition called connections it was by invite to see how it would run, it was great fun, Chris won it with cap and Jessie came 7th.
Corrie came 4th in her grade 5 agility on Saturday she ran 1st and the time didn't start so she ran again for time clear so I was very pleased with her.
Sparkie had his allsorts class on Sunday and he came 3rd he had a lovely time, I really miss competing him at full height, but he is much more comfy doing the smaller jumps.
Todd just had a ball all weekend met up with lots of friends, Friday night he had a great play with Daisy and Kodac he has also made two more friends Cookie and Zee aka thingy !! lol
Sunday he also hooked up yes that is a good choice of words with Kizzy they used me and Nancy as maypoles !! was lovely to see Hob b (and grandma !!) on sunday too. No pictures this weekend as I managed to leave my camera at home !


Lian said...

Good to catch up with you and see how "small" Toddie turn out to be! He is a real charmer, so much like his mum Hob-B.

Well done with all your achievements, keep it up girls!

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Shame about the buggie :(
Gratz to Chris
Hope to see you soon