Friday, 14 September 2007

Catch Up

For the last couple of weeks we have been busy here, Jess had to pull out of the pairs final (sorry Chris!) due to injury but I am pleased to say she is back and fighting fit now, she did compete last week at Chippenham and Gillingham, on Saturday I ran her like a plonka !! was so worried that even thought the physio had told me to run her that I might in fact break her again! and on Sunday as she was still in one piece I ran her properly and she came 3rd in Grade 6 Agility, which I was over the moon with, and she is continuing to be sound now so I am very happy. Corrie for the last few shows has been very consistent since DIN she has only done one run that she hasn't got a top 10 place in so I am also very proud on her.

Todd and I have been doing lots of ground work ie. Targets and start line set ups, he is just soooooo motivated and a real pleasure to do anything with :0))

This picture was taken a few days ago when they were bailing the hay at the Mead's where I often walk my dogs, I had to laugh as I thought that it was really original to take a picture of my dogs on the top of the Hay bale, then I looked at Nancy and Andy's site and they got there 1st ha ha ha
I would like to also say Good luck to all the Obays running in the Worlds this year I will be rooting her for all of you and stuck to the computer like glue ! just love the T shirts.


Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Roflol! They have bails of hay inthe feilds near work and i was thnking how gr8 it woudo be to get the dogs to pose on them - well obviously gr8 minds think alike!! :)

Andy & Nancy said...

Love the photos on the hay bale - that is so weird that we both took a picture like this in the same week. Our bales were round so we could only get one dog on top though!