Saturday, 3 November 2007

Thoughts for today

Without wishing to be a dramatist or anything, but Tikka was due to be clipped today and on my way to drop her off and do a puppy class with Todd which I was really looking forward to with Rosie, I endeavoured to join the M3 and within 20 seconds of being on it I screeched to a halt and the sound was deafening, about 30 seconds in front of me had been a huge crash,. I only had Tikka and Todd with me, my daughter was with a friend and the rest of my dogs were at home alone.

All the traffic came to a stand still and I was counting by blessings that I was going at a reasonable speed to be able to stop and not go careering up the back of the car in front, but also deep in thought about life, how scary it takes seconds or minutes and its all over ! within a few minutes of being stationary all I could hear is people complaining about the fact they were being delayed for one reason or another mmmmmmm the lady next to me said this is just ridiculous I was meant to be at the hair dressers 15 minutes earlier, and it took me back and I said to her, yes it is a little inconvenient but I think that I would prefer my hair to be a little scruffy than to be in the position of the poor people ahead of us in the accident, she didn’t seem to get the drift buy hey there you go, I could not believe the stupidness if that's a word of so many people stuck in the traffic they were walking up and down the hard shoulder with kids, dogs and the rescue ambulances and police were hooting to alarm them that they were using the hard shoulder, and there was a group of youngsters behind me playing Frisbee hellloooooooo for me it just made me realise how lucky we are and within seconds it can all change soooooooo sermon over but give your loved one a big hug today.


Lian said...

Thank God! I am so glad that you and Tikka and Todd are all safe and sound!

My nephew told me there was an accident just a few hundred yards away from our home on Friday, there was a driver trying to over take a cyclist and he hit the cyclist badly and run. The poor cyclist was badly injured and another van came from the other side of the road nearly hit him too! How scary but no one to help the poor cyclist!

Also, on the way to Caerphilly show, I had to do a sudden break due to the car in front did an emergency break and it turn out to be a middle age man had hit a cat and he got out from the car, trying to stroke the cat for a few minutes ... very sweet of him.

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Here! Here! Big hugs all round ppl :)
Glad you are all ok.
Selfish biach in the car next to you deserves to have her hair cut with garden sheres as far as i'm concerned.....
I always feel positively sick when i drive past an accident. When you consider how many miles we all do each year to and from shows we are all sooooo lucky. My Grandad's always with me so we're ok.
LOL! Took a bus in India once - Hindus believe in fate so death doesn't bother them - white knuckles, shitting bricks, the works it was soo scary!!!

Hooch and troops said...

Soo pleased u r all ok... i know what a car crash is like! and with dogs in the car...wouldnt want anyone to go through that...big hugs to u and Todd and Tikka xx

Sarah and Leslie said...

Some people! I hate seeing accidents cause Leslie is on the road everyday. He always say's he'll be fine but you never know what the silly people in other cars are going to do.
I hope the hairdresser dyes her hair green!

ann said...

Glad you are all ok, near misses like that can be very scary. Obviously wasn't near enough for some!!