Sunday, 23 December 2007

Waves of Emotion

The last couple of weeks have been huge waves of lots of emotions, two weeks ago Chris lost his lovely Mum Edna, and we had the funeral on Wednesday, it actually was more of a celebration of her life than anything, Edna had a huge sense of humour which stayed with her till the very end, and however sad the day was, a lot of very funny stories were told commemorating her humour and her constant faith in god.

Chris then had Olympia on Saturday which strangely enough was the date of Chris's mums birthday, for the last two weeks I have had Cap staying with me as Chris stayed with his Dad as obviously they had lots to arrange and I thought that Cap would be happier here with me, having lots of exercise to keep him fit, but no agility, as I refused to work him as I could just see the scenario of the missed contact at Olympia being my fault lol lol: before I start this story I will say that Todd and Cap adore each other, buttttttttt Cap is Chris's only dog and is used to well lets just say a little attention !! and Todd is not is the slightest bit spoilt at all !! well all in all and not all Todd but I would say about 90 %
1 pine box corner
1 pine chair bottom
1 dog bed
all modified for mums approval :0))))
and lastly but not least 1 small edge of a carpet and the longest that either of them were left alone in the room was 2 hours a day while I tried to get some work done ho ho ho, mmmmm not sure why, I thought that perhaps Todd was feeling a bit left out etc, but since Cap has gone back to his Dad not one item has been gnawed, and Todd is quite happy to spend a small amount of the day in the lounge asleep, so who knows, but I am really looking forward to getting my lounge redone !!!!

While Cap was here I decided to groom him PROPERLY and as Nancy will vouch for me MEN do not often groom their own dogs ( unless of course they do it once and pull all of the coat out and are not asked to do it again :0)))) only joking Andy xx)

I have recently converted half my garage into a grooming parlour ! and drying room, as I have now got a blaster, blimey wish I had brought one years ago what an amazing little accessories it is! no sand in my house no grotty paw marks and best of all it really does help remove all the dead coat from Sparkie and for that, it was worth every penny alone ! any way off the track again ! I groomed Cap for about 3 hours and here is a picture of the end result with the end result of Todd too who I also did.

Getting back to Olympia, well nearly ! I did go to Olympia on Tuesday to watch the medium final with my daughter, we were too late to watch the jumping in the morning but did see the final, it was brilliant, commiserations to both Bernadette and Lisa, but B.s round was brilliant right up to the very end and watching Chi made my cry as his was going like a little steam train, and he did the fastest time beating all those collies and I don't want to say about the pole so I wont. I am so glad that Chi is better and looking so well.

Then Thursday my van broke agian, and went off to the nice very expensive mercedes garage to be fixed !! my friend lent me a very old merc G waggon so that I could walk my dogs and here it is with all the dogs in the back, it did not go over 50 m p h lol lol lol

Saturday morning 6.00 am up and getting everything ready for Chris and Cap and trying to be the perfect groom, sandwiches made, hot thermos flasks of coffee and tea, bottles of water and mars bars and Caps special lead, Chris's special trainers etc etc etc and in the van and off we go, sat nav. telling us how to get there all very stress free until, oh noooooooooooooooo I have left my phone at home mmmmm cant tell everyone what chris has done and no pictures and no video booooooooooo hooooooo I am so cross with myself, but at least Chris had all his bits and we did have the car park ticket and entrance tickets etc etc so in the great scheme of things could have been alot worse but I was really cross with myself, at least a couple of friends remembered to take theirs so the pictures of courtesy of Jo Richards and Lynne Ward thanks :0)

So the time has come and the morning session is under way, Chris was running 16th and in the morning and I am feeling very very sick as I watched him on the start line and wow, he goes clear and then we just wait to see if it is enough and YES brilliant he is through to the evening, just a few hours to kill, I went back to the van to take the dogs out, up and down the motor rail car park and I decided to go to Holland park with Todd, Jess and Sparkie, gosh I could not live in London, soooo much traffic and noise, we walked down or up not sure ! to the park and met up with Mary Ray and Ann Roberts outside of the hotel, stopped and had a chat and while we were talking about 10 varying police cars and ambulances and fire engines all went wizzing by and Mary said that it happens all night long too !! any way they enjoyed their walk in the park and at least I felt that I had stretched my legs too. When I got back to the van, Chris told me that Leslie Osbourne had kindly given us his evening car park ticket so I did not need to take the risk of being clamped as he decided that he did not want to move the van to the other car park !

Here are some random pictures of Olympia !!

The evening finally came and what a brilliant final, Chris came 3rd and I was just soo proud of him and Cap when they ran they went into the lead but Chris lost just a little time up in the corner, and Greg ran a near perfect round and went into the lead, then Rob with little Dizzy went and blimey she just flew and won it, funny but two out of the top 3 dogs were bred by Kathy Napper and out of Quizz!! and a lovely bit of crystal for Chris and cap and what a great day. The only foux par was that instead of taping the euro sport which I had done all week which had 0 agility on it, I taped the strictly come dancing final oh how Chris laughed (not) !!! Cap showing off his lovely trophy and rosette.

Today I have been out most of the day looking together with lots of other people looking for Nigel Staines 15 year old lurcher Bear, who is still missing from Wednesday morning when she wondered off in Polly's field in Knaphill, she has been sighted by 2 different people on Friday morning in the same place, but not seen since all her details are on



Lorna said...

Well Done Chris and Cap - a fitting tribute for his Mum - their round was fab :)

You have a great Xmas and we must catch up soon!

Lorna xXx

ps I think I am coming round to your garage with the poodles and collies - at least the kelpie does not need any drying!

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

GRATZ Chris & Cap!
Loads of news in this blog - felt the roller coaster of emotions.
Hope Ur New Year is more level 4 U
Gr8 news re Bear

CresceNet said...
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Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

The blow dryer is gr8 after a muddy walk to just to blow off the mud.

Hudsondoglets said...

What a great update! So pleased for Chris and Cap and also that Bear was found safely. Since Dennis's last visit we now have video evidence of Andy doing some grooming. I will post this at some point! And, moreover he is grooming ..... wait for it .... Naughty Niamh!!