Monday, 28 January 2008


As most of my close friends will know I have had a few Van issues just recently, which gave to me missing one of my favourite shows of the year Ribble :0(

Friday I had arranged to go to Nancy's' for some training lunch and a walk, and I was determined to get there !! Chris had loaned me his now broken van ! I poodled (excuse the pun !) along at a staggering 45 miles per hour and eventually got to Nancy's later than intended but at least I got there !

Berndatte had brought a very interesting course plan with her and we set it up and tried to work it in various ways, it was interesting seeing the different ways that you could work it and also which way worked best for which dog. Jess has a naturally very long stride which is great when I want her to stretch out and bounce but not so good when I want nice tight turns so I have to work very hard on them and it is always better to push her than to pull her and she does not resist so much.

We also worked on Niahm and Todd's dog walk which both Nancy and I were really pleased with the both of them they were flying down to the bottom with Bernadette's help and eagle eyes !

Lunch was extremely tasty or should I say both lunches were extremely tasty lol lol

Saturday morning I took all the dogs for a nice long walk as I had a training afternoon, I parked in my normal place and set off, little did I know that there was about 250 people all over the common doing an orienteering session, aghghg I really did not know which way to turn back or to go on, there were people every where I looked in the woods doing really weird things !! running here and there, oh marvelous my lovely quiet walk had just turned into a nightmare, I know all the rest of my dogs are fine with that sort of thing but I was not sure how Todd would handle it, he has not come across so many people in HIS woods before, he was just great he only jumped up at one person who looked at him in horror ! and the rest on the time he just laid down to let these people frantically trying to find there particular numbers pass, we ran into a whole bunch of kids that thought fussing the dogs was much more fun than what they were meant to be doing, and I ended up giving them some tips as to where the numbered pots were :0) I will say though, I was very proud of my dogs whos manners I felt were impecable but I was really surprised at how thoughtless some people can be, at one point a couple of guys ran over Corries tail in their hast to get past, to their next number. I was really cross, she squeaked and moved away, mmmm I just wonder who would have got the blame if she had nipped him ??????

In the afternoon, I had Natashas training course , which was brilliant loads and loads of enthusiasm and great tips, this is the 2nd one of hers I have been on and I will say she is fantastic.

Sunday was nice Chris and I just went for a long walk in the morning and had a relatively healthy cooked breakfast! then chilled out in the afternoon.


OBay Shelties said...

We are all going to be so fit by this season! We are all going to be so fit by this season! We are all going to be so fit by this season! And if we keep saying that it will be true! :-)

Hudsondoglets said...

My worst nightmare would be to arrive at a walk with all those people. I would turn round and go home. Niamh just wouldn't cope with that number of people running around! Your dogs are very good!

Agreed, Tash's training course was A1!

Hope the van problems are soon resolved.