Monday, 25 February 2008

OK OK bad again !!

I know that I am a bad blogger, I hate writing but loveeeeee pictures so here's the last couple of weeks in photos !!!!

The agility club awards, had a brilliant night , we sponsored a category ; all time agility handler and was won by no less than Mr Alan Bray ! great result. ( mmmmm also had far too much to drink :0) ) Lots of hard work went into making this a really great evening, so a huge thanks to all of the agility club ! thought I would post this, I have NEVER seen Chris in back tie so here you go !!!!

Missed out on Dawn Weavers training day as I did not feel too good ( the night after the above) my fault, but was interesting watching for a change and not trying to keep either one of my lovely woofs quiet, no rude comment please MR COLE!!!!!

Sheep herding or NOT !!!!!
I was very impressed with Todd's attention on me, to the point of totally ignoring the sheep, and Bernadette you are wrong he can herd just not sheep ! ask all the rest of my dogs they will confirm that he likes nothing more than to round them all up !!!!!

Mega congrats to the other Jess, she was just a star ! blimey Mac, you must be so proud of her !

Throw away dogs !!!!
Short but sweet, Jess was a throw away dog and she never ceases to amaze me, she did not have a very nice life before we got her, but she always comes out trumps !!! agility mmmmmm I can do that, tricks yes I can do that too !! BArking yes all the time :0) but sheep mmm I will try to do that too ! not bad for a 1st attempt mrs Rabid. Thank you very much for the lovely pictures Nancy !

Oh and the last one is especially for Leah, I brought Tinkerbell a new bed and she loveeees it, and also have just got my new website up and running, should be ready for action in the next couple of days as the prices are not right at the moment



OBay Shelties said...

Ohh you have straight hair! :-)

Hudsondoglets said...

Wow, you and Chris look fantastic (not that you don't normally of course!)

(Your) Jess was very good with the sheep. I think she was in the top 3 on the day without a doubt. Agree though no doubt that (Mac's) Jess was the star of the day. I could have watched her for hours.

Todd was great, he was certainly on a par with his Pa but I'm sorry his heelwork was not up to Poppy's standard. He also cheated by looking at the sheep at least once; Poppy won the prize for not looking at them at all, even when she was walking through them to find me. You can't really deny that can you? Come on, come on .... you have to admit defeat here!

Hudsondoglets school of herding

Karen said...

ok mrs Hudson Poppy def. wins the prize, she did not see any sheep ! they were not there at all .............. x

chafford dogs said...

OH MY GOD!!!! That is really pink!
Very cute though! Are you at c-side? I have a picture for you!!!!
Leah x

Dan & Mac and their Dawgs said...

Karen your Jess was very good too!!
no-one could say they were a couple of Jessies!!

Mac xx

Lorna said...

Wow posh photo!

Glad Jess enjoyed the sheep and Todd is such a cutie :)

Lorna x

Lian said...

Wow! You and Chris looked very posh in the photo!!

Jessica was a good girl at the sheep and Todd just about to learn a new activity!! I am sure you had a good day.

Lian said...

I forgot to say Yinkerbell looks fantastic in her new pinky girlie bed xxx