Monday, 19 May 2008

Tunbridge wells and Bats

I had to post this picture of Lorna at Tunbridge wells with Bill and Pias gorgeous baby Max:0) and also this picture of my birthday pressie from Lorna, its gorgeous and it looks so like Todd.

Jess and I had some really nice runs at Tunbridge wells, a lot of them had a nearly in them but I am really pleased with her contacts at the moment, and we got a nice place in the agility on the Sunday. Corrie came 4th in her Novice kennel club qualifier, which I am really pleased about but last year she came 4th in nearly every one that she did and I would really love her to qualify for this event, she is such a consistent little dog, and she runs her heart out.......... oh well a few more left to go and perhaps I should throw caution to the wind and just blast her off her contacts and hope she gets them, she is just a monkey on the dog walk if I release her too quickly :0) and BATS she came 9th in the KC qualifier as I held her far too long on her dogwalk and it was a very fast course.
Todd has had a nail bed infection for the last couple of weeks so he is on antibiotics and a foot bath twice a day, so hopefully it will be better soon, they really are a pain though as they just seem to take forever to heal up.



Poor Todd!!!! Okis had probs with his legs last week, couldnt walk etc due to an infection, after a week or so he was fine so hope its the same for you and Todd!!!! xxx

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Get well soon son!
That baby suits Lorna :)
I though the pic was actually Todd - it's very good.

Lorna said...

Chuckle at me and the Baby (Max) he is actually quite sweet for a baby but I think I better stick to the 4 legged variety!

Sooo pleased you liked the pressie.

I say go for it with Dorianda in the Kc Novice :)

Lorna xXx