Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Wow what a difference a week makes

Wow what a difference in the weather in a week, last week I took these pictures of a Red Admiral butterfly that had landed on my van, and was walking around in a Tshirt and today I took these pictures on the dogs on my morning dog walk, it was so beautiful this morning. The colours this time of year are gorgeous, and the snow in some places was quite thick, Sparkie spent the whole walk eating snow and has spent the whole afternoon, wanting to go out into the garden as he needed to pee :0>


Hooch and troops said...

Fab photos of woofs and snow! how did u manage to get them to sit still!!! Brrrrrr definately time for jumpers and wollie hats!


Lian said...

Love the picture of the betterfly! I am dead jealous that you have snow!!!!! The dogs look fab in the snow especailly Toddster!!

Anonymous said...


where where you walking it looks lovely


Karen said...

Hi Sarah,
It is Pirbright MOD land, and when the flags are down you can go for miles and miles and get well and truly lost !!I have done often :0)