Thursday, 6 November 2008


An exciting post (well for me anyway !!) as my friends and fellow blog followers will know my van spent a large proportion of its life in the garage, and to be honest I got to the stage it was costing me more than the house to run ! so it went on a one way trip to the nice garage and I part exed it for a lovely new van called Wexford !! he is a VW Caddy, candy white in appearance ( well nearly, he is man enough to wear pink paw prints, in fact he has 7 courtesy of Bernadette :0) ) 6 months old and fantastic to drive, I LOVE him !! just waiting now to get my cages fitted which should be in at the end of January, already I am noticing a difference on the fuel consumption. Picture to come later !


I'm Helen said...

Yay, pink paw prints. I have some of those! Hx

Hudsondoglets said...

Hurrah for Wexford!

Hooch and troops said...

We need pickies!! especially of the lovely pink paw prints...very jealous