Thursday, 29 January 2009

I would like to introduce Yazoo

I would like to introduce my beautiful puppy Yazoo (aka cutie pie) and thank Bernadette and Johanna for allowing me to have this bundle of gorgeousness .


Hudsondoglets said...

We have met Cutie Pie quite a few times. We look forward to meeting the gorgeous Yazoo on Saturday.

Lots of love from her sisters
Kizzy and Zeki (and Nancy & Andy)

Christine said...

Yazoo, how cool is that. Many congratulations on your new and very cute addition.

Macfarlane Dogs said...

She is just adorable!! I am sure you are going to have lots of fun! What a fab name :-) Can't wait to meet her!!


Lian said...

Congratulations! Love the name YAZOO! COOL! Can't wait to meet her again with his uncle Todd.

Hooch and troops said...

ahh Tikka will be pleased lol..

she is absolutely georgous i hope you have just as much fun training Yahoooooo as Toddie...i love the pink collar..

see u soon

Hooch and troops said...

ooo p.s. you are going to have to change your blog name now!!!


Sassydogs said...

OMG you lucky thing! She would have been my choice too. Fab name! Look forward to meeting little Yazoo!

Orable and Charlie said...

How wonderful to get a puppy - you are so blessed! I got a puppy a long time ago; it was my younger brother Higgins. We had the best of times, but alas, he did not live as long as I, but those were truly wonderful years we spent together! And what a beautiful little pup you've got! Stop over and see the award I have for you.