Monday, 26 April 2010

Natural Instinct

This post is to say a very big thank you to Natural Instinct for agreeing to sponsor me and my dogs, I am so impressed with this raw food, it is extremely high quality and my dogs love it. I have been feeding my dogs raw food for many years, and this is definitely the best pre-made food that I have found on the market.


Christine said...

congratulations and it sounds really interesting

Angela said...'s great hearing that you feed raw, I do too....but I make mine, well the veggie meals, as I have plenty of time!
Just had a go at making some sardine treats! They love them, but the smell!

Paula said...

That's great news Karen and interesting as I've wanted to go down the raw route for years but never really done in seriously due to being a bit lazy. This looks good and I may give it a try with my too.