Monday, 8 October 2007

Stour valley spiders n cobwebs

We went to Stour valley show at the weekend, and Corrie WON !! she won the grade 4 / 5 jumping and Jess Came 2nd in grade 6 /7 jumping so both girls were very clever !! Also I ran Tikka in the mini mixi pairs with Cap and they came 2nd, I have not run her for a few weeks as she had not been well, but it was lovely to see her back to her old self and she really enjoyed running the course with her big mate !

After the show I stopped to walk them and I really feel sorry for poor Corrie as now every one herds her even the perfect one lol !

Spiders are probably my biggest phobia, but I find their cobwebs beautiful and intriguing, and first thing in the morning a little eiry, but here are a couple of pictures of the most amazing spider webs, that I ran into this morning, and thank you for your conker suggestion Nancy; but I still have loads of spiders in the house agghghghg and the conkers were chewed up and spat out on the floor by a certain perfect (lol) young sheltie !! ha ha


Lian said...

Good to catch up with you and nice to meet Corrie and the handsome Todd. Well done to your placings!

Andy & Nancy said...

Well done Corrie! Superstar. And of course Jess with her 2nd place. Am so pleased to hear that Tikka had a go and got 2nd place into the bargain! That's great news.

Love the cobweb piccies, especially the one with the gorgeous little sheltie in the middle.

I cannot believe he would chew the conkers! I'm not sure if it works either. Leah brought me some to put in the summer house but I haven't put any indoors yet. We have so many big spiders in the house. I know it's the time of year but I also think we've disturbed loads with the building work. I am thinking of getting one of those plug in pest repeller things. People say they work really well! I hate spiders too. Yuk!

Lorna said...

Yay Well Done for Corrie, Jess and Tikka - glad I saw 2 out of the 3 star runs.

Nice to catch up with Todd, Cads and him were funny!

I am not too bad about spiders and a couple of our dogs will catch one if they see them on the floor indoors.

Lorna xXx

ann said...

Well done on your results, a very successful day.

Fantastic photos,any spiders in our house we just call Sian and she carefully and quietly puts them in the garden!

Ann xx

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

Gratz on your places - very pleaseing :)
Gr8 spider web pics enhanced by perfect the 2nd!!! (well obvioulsy i have perfect the 1st, Monty being perfect the original!)