Sunday, 16 March 2008

Friday and Todds Birthday walk !!

I know it was a lot later than we had intended, but Friday March 14th was Todds birthday walk which for one reason or another just got delayed, just a shame that Nancy and Lian couldnt be there.

I set off at nine oclock to go to the beach and it was raining, typical all the nice days we have had and it had to be raining for our beach walk, but just as I got into the car park it stopped and it didnt rain again till the journey home.

All in all we had 16 dogs and they had a great time, we walked for about an hour, the tide was out and we had the beach to ourselves which was lovely, all the dogs got on really well and were brilliantly behaved but gosh all those shelties together what a racket !!!! they could probably be heard in the little village which is why we had the beach to ourselves lol lol.

Then we had a really nice lunch and Lisa made Todd a really delicious liver cake which was decorated with cheese as icing and a T made out of cat treats mmmmmmm very yummy the Dogs loved it !! thank you Lisa !


Hudsondoglets said...

I'm really cheesed off I missed this walk. Kizzy would have loved it. Boo. Glad you all had a lovely time, the cake looked great, well done Lisa.

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

It was a gr8 day out thanks for organising us all Karen. Hum....isn't it Kizzy's b'day next?

Lian said...

That's a big shamed that we can't be there!! Glad you guys had a lovely walk and that cake looks yummy!!! Lisa!!!!!!!!! Karen, you better organise another walk!!