Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Mid downs and Easter

Mid downs was my 1st show since September last year, and for the first time in a long time I actually felt quite sick on the start line with Jess in the 1st class that we did, I usually get a bit nervous but not this bad yukkk, any way she true to form did a lovely start line wait and we were doing a lovely round right until the sea saw and she just carried on going upwards, I was really shocked as she crunched to the ground she looked a bit shocked too, so I put her back onto it and stroked her thanked Pete Catt and went out of the ring, not sure why she did it perhaps I gave a wrong command but I think she thought it was the dog walk, bless, we went into her next class which was the Burgess supa dog class and she came 10th and I made sure she did a really nice sea saw in that class. Corrie came 6th in the jumping outside so all in all a pretty good 1st show.

At the show Leah gave me picture that she had done of Tinkerbell my naughty little tortie cat and it is gorgeous, I am chuffed to bits with it, thanks Leah x

This weekend I went to the Easter celebration show ha ha ha should have been the Christmas show, I was meant to camp but unlike Lisa wimped out lol. We were very lucky that the organisers had put so much work into the show and moved the show indoors so all the agility was indoors and the jumping rings were outside.

On Saturday Jess did the best Chum run she has ever done, just at the end she ended up jumping the tunnel but I was so pleased with her, she is turning so well and her contacts have really speeded up over the winter and for the 1st time she actually did a near on perfect pull through, I will also just say thank you very much to Nancy for all her help this winter with sharpening up Jessie's turns and also to Natasha for teaching me to do a pull through with Jess which I could just could not master for ages with her :0) mm and after that I came right back down to earth with my jumping run as I forgot where I was going ha ha

Sunday, I was doing ring party and we were on the outside ring, blimey it sleeted for about 2 hours and I was calling, and I was thinking to myself mm just do the ring party bit and go home its horrid, but right at the end of the jumping the weather was not so bad and I decided to run Jess in it, I had not walked it and was in the que just watching a few dogs in front of me I ran Jess in it and she came 3rd so yipee I got my Easter egg yum, Jess also came 2nd in the agility and won me another egg what a star !!

I have over the winter been working really hard on Corries dog walk and I ran her in her 1st agility since August after doing all this work and she jumped off it, obviously she is really discriminating between competition and training so I was a bit disappointed and the next agility was the olympia qualifier and she ran to the end of the dog walk and I found it hard to get her off of it and she came 5th in it and I came away feeling a lot happier, so all in all my 1st couple of shows have been really good, which means things can only go down hill from here on........... :0)))


Lorna said...

Well Done on your places - brrrr sounded cold there!

Lorna x

OBay Shelties said...

Lordy lordy we need to work on your positive mental attitude! :-)

Well done on a 2nd and 3rd! That is pretty darn close to 1st which will be coming very very soon!

Hudsondoglets said...

Well done Karen and Jess and Coriander. Great Easter Sunday for you!

Chi (Obay Truly Focused) said...

No! NO! No! things can only get better!!! G'ma is right we need to get you thinking +'ve.
Sounds like you had some gr8 runs tho :)
I find rescue remedy works a treat on the nerves :)
You are a gr8 handler & i can't wait to see you & Todd run you are so bonded you will make a cracking team xxx