Friday, 25 April 2008

Nearly there !

I have been very quiet on the blog front recently as I took the task of decorating my lounge on, funny isn't it you look at your lounge and think oh that wont take long ........... well it did in fact it took 5 days in total and I still need to gloss the doors, but I am going to wait till the weather is a bit better as with 6 dogs and 3 cats running around the house I don't fancy the fur look on the door !! anyway helping me show off my recent handy work it Todd in various poses throughout the lounge !!
I have added a picture of my daughters bunnies, Feather and Frodo, as they are so cute together, and also a picture of Todd 1st thing this morning in the bluebells just cause I like it:0)

I have been doing lots of training with Todd recently and have been to Nancy's for a very enjoyable Saturday morning training and lunch yum yum !! and we have just gone back after a 2 week break to north downs, Todd is really enjoying his training at the moment and I will try to post a couple of videos in the near future.

Well done to all who qualified for the European open especially Bernadette Lisa and Leah:0)

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Hooch and troops said...

Where has the green gone!!!! im devastated!!! yeah looks fab i think Todd approves...lovely photo of him in the bluebells too...bless