Thursday, 8 May 2008

Catch up again !!!!

The last couple of weeks have just flown by, I have been working really hard on my new cat site, and doing a fair bit of training with both Jess and Todd.
My Daughter was sixteen on the 28th of April, where have the last 16 years gone ! she had a lovely day, and was spoilt rotten.... mmm I would have posted a lovely picture of Meg but she wouldnt let me lol !!!
A couple of weeks ago a few of us went to Bernadette’s to see Johanna and do a bit of training, which was really enjoyable, and Lunch was yummy too :0), also had a cuddle with the pups who have grown so much and are just gorgeous, Jess met little mouse and here is a lovely picture courtesy of Dennis of the meeting ! How cute is that.

We did the two day UKA show on Saturday and Sunday, Jess came 2nd in the Senior jumping on the Saturday, and in the royal canin she did a lovely run but I pushed her dog walk too far and pulled her off, which was a shame as her turns in this class were really tight and neat, and I even managed to a PUSH ROUND !! I ran Todd NFC on Sunday in the nursery class and was very pleased with the result, his contacts were really good and he powered to the bottom of both of them, I really like the fact that you can train your dog in the ring at these shows, I think it is so nice for a young dog to receive the reinforcement that we use in training in the ring, and I am sure that it can help stop them discriminating in the ring, well that’s my thought anyway !! Watch this spot !!
Vyne was on Monday, and Jess came 7th in grade 6 jumping, and that was it, her other 2 runs were not clear but I am generally really pleased with the way that we are working together this year.

Yesterday the team left for Belgium to compete in the IFCS world champs so loads of Luck to them all, especially Chris and Cap, reports to follow ...........

Lastly I have been attacking my garden, and the results are pretty pleasing !! I think summer has come at long last and here a couple of pictures of my favourite flowers and blossoms in my garden at the moment........... oh and Todd and I love this picture of Tikka it sum's her up completely.... in the words of Catherine Tate .... Bothered !!!


Hudsondoglets said...

Wow,you've been busy!

Glad you had a good time at the UKA show. Well done with Jess and sounds like Todd's going really well. Can't wait to see him in action.

Please can we have some more piccies of your garden!

Good luck to Chris & Cap.

Lian said...

I like the photo of Jess & Lil' Mouse, very sweet!!

Good Luck to Chris and Cap at the IFCS!!

Hooch and troops said...

love the piccie of Jess....soooooo cute and shows how small mouse is!

must also say how handsome Todd is looking and how nicely groomed Tikka is!