Monday, 16 June 2008

Newton Heath

We left for Newton Heath on Friday lunch time and had a great journey up and arrived at 5 o'clock just in time to actually do our runs, which we thought that we would have missed. Two really nice flowing courses which were not too testing to run, even though not walked ! Jess had a pole down in the jumping and came 6th in the grade 6 / 7 agility, this was our first clear for a little while and I was over the moon with the way she ran, I have been finding lately that she seems to have popped up a gear and once again I am having real trouble turning her, lol no surprise there then.

The camping location and the weather and company for the weekend was really nice and laid back, there was a lovely wooded walk for the dogs which they enjoyed, as you came into the venue there were literally hundreds of deer, they looked stunning in the sun, this venue reminds me of Longleat, it is so pretty.

Jess had 3 runs on Saturday, she came 3rd in the jumping class and 5th in the agility class, and did one of the best agility runs she has ever done and had the last pole down aghggh, at the time of running which was nearly the end of the class she had the fasted time, including the 5 faults, I know it was my fault for not continuing to run, I think I celebrated too soon !! will teach me I think :0)

The Champ class was very testing and only 8 dogs got through to the big dog final unfortunately Chris was not one of them :0(

Jess had another 3 runs on Sunday and she did a really good run in the grade 6 agility and we ended up 4th, I managed to E her in the crufts, and a pole came down in her jumping, but all in all it was the best weekend competing we have had this year ! so roll on Watford......


Hudsondoglets said...

Well done, you had a great weekend with Jess! Bet you're looking forward to next weekend as well!

Lian said...

Well done with Jess!!

I'm Helen said...

I felt for you in the grade 6 agility in Sunday. I had run Pop and we had (amazingly considering how long it is since we have competed!) gone clear and you were in the lead and when I went back to see if Pop was in the places still near the end you had been pushed out by a few latecomers......but she is obvioulsy going well so it is just a matter of time! H