Monday, 2 June 2008

Bits and Pieces and lots of Good luck to Meg x

Hmmmm not been the greatest blogger recently, lots going on………. I have not been feeling particularly well and have had a blood test which revealed I have a virus……. So watch this space could mean anything I may be changing into a two headed monster ha ha thank you I’m not quite there yet Nancy !!!!!

Todd is only just back training as he has had a nasty nail bed infection which has seemed to go on forever. I went to Nancy and Andy training last week firstly to officially meet Nancy’s gorgeous new pup Zeki who is absolutely scrummy, and then to go on to do some training with Todd and Jess, I really enjoyed the training session both with Todd and with Jess, Todd was totally focused throughout the whole session which was really good as he has not been there before and he is now used to numbers the size of houses lol lol and he did not target them either so thank you for incorporating all those things into our lesson, then on the way back my van had a blow out and I had to wait ages for Green flag to come to rescue me boo hoo, that was not the nicest experience ever.

Then we were off to Hinckley for the weekend, nothing of great significance happened with me and my dogs, although I had a really good weekend, Jess did some really good runs, I came 7th in a jumping class and Chris and I came 7th in the PC pairs, Chris also ran Corrie in her KC Olympia as I was not feeling too great and he did a stonking run and had a pole down, but it was really nice seeing her run for someone else. I had a great show, but I don’t think that I am running Jess with my usual enthusiasm at the moment, but I am feeling a lot better so hopefully will be back to running again properly by Thames. But Hinckley was such a nice show especially as Granma made Hex a Champion, when she was on the start line I had palpitations so goodness knows how she felt, and what a great run so pleased for the both of them, and also I had a special treat I got to run Zen, what a star she is, it is really weird she is just like running a big dog, she runs just like a collie, and she got beautiful contacts and she waited but I really mucked her up going to the Aframe as I switched behind her poor dog, but thank you Grandma I really enjoyed running her.

Did some really nice bits with Todd this morning, and then took everyone for a lovely walk to Puttnam, all dogs really appreciated a really good walk, Meg has lots of exams this week so really good luck , not long to go Megs and it will all be over and you can really start to enjoy your summer xxxxx Thames this weekend and hopefully lots of celebrating to do !!!!

Thank you to Dennis for this brilliant picture of the Rabid dog :0)


Lorna said...

Hope you are feeling better soon.

Good Luck to Meg for the Exams.

Lorna x

ps good that Chris was running a proper colour collie!!

Hudsondoglets said...

It's ok having two heads; I should know! Hope you feel better soon, however many heads you have!

Todd was excellent at our training school. We look forward to seeing him and Jess there again - soon!


Good news about Todd. He is lovely x