Tuesday, 24 June 2008

What a weekend

This was Todds first KC outing this weekend, and I was really excited and scared, I had done a fair amount of training in the last couple of weeks, as he had not done very much at all for the last 6 weeks because of a nasty nail bed infection.

Thursday I went to granmas, to do a couple of easy courses, which made me feel a lot better, as he was a very good boy, and she gave me lots of confidence.

Saturday was Watford and we had grade 1 - 3 jumping 1st, which went really well but I pushed him past the weave entrance and then had a run by, but I came out of there feeling on top of the world, as he did a lovely wait and was completely focused on me and ran just like he does in training, then we had 1 - 3 agility, which was a lovely course, it was just such a long stretch on the way back, I pulled him past a jump, but the rest of it was lovely, but by the time I came over the finish line a couple of friends were chuckling at the colour of my rather red face, I ran really fast !! but no way fast enough (note to self must get fitter :0)) Lian very kindly taped both my 1st runs for me, which you can watch here as I have a lovely new sony handycam, but cannot upload them into the movie maker on my computer......... anyone with any ideas would be gratefully received. The last class I had that day was the mini mixi pairs and Todd did a lovely clear round in this. I came back from the show so proud of my boy, he really worked his little socks off for me and the mistakes made were mine.

Sunday was Bretons, and my first run with Todd was 1-3 jumping, he did a lovely run in this but I gave him a command too early and he knocked a pole and missed his weave entrance, but once again I was over the moon with the way he is working. Jess had a lovely run in her agility, it was grade 6 - 7 combined and she came 7th , I just love running her, she is so happy.

Next came 3 - 7 agility which was as it should be a harder course, I walked it and really did not think that Todd would get his weave entrance as it was quite hard, and the weaves were the last thing that I taught Todd and really are not quite up to scratch yet, but I cant believe this, he went clear and we came 2nd, if I am picky with myself, I know that I pulled him off the aframe a bit too quickly but I was so excited and I am just so proud of him, he is such fun to work and I love him to bits. The last class I did with him was mini mixi pairs again with Andy but this time I did not go clear !!! I pulled him off a jump and stood still out of a cloth tunnel which he stopped, but Andy did a lovely clear round I will post the video of his run at Breton, later today.

This weekend also, I collected our lovely new addition to our family, her name is Delilah and she is one of the gorgeous kittens that Leah hand reared, she is officially Megs cat and she will be adored, here are some pictures of her, she is just so funny and cute, and Meg just loves her. I am not sure that Tinkerbell is as impressed though!! here she is playing and at Bretons in her little pink harness.


Lian said...

Very well done Toddie!! He was a star at both Watford and Bretons!! You will be up the grades with him in no time!! He is a star!!

Lian said...

Forgot to mention, Delilah is sooooooo cute!! Can I have a cuddle please?

Paula said...

Way to go Todd, here's to lots more trophies (I liked it even if it wasn't crystal - think Andy may be getting a bit picky!)

Macfarlane Dogs said...

Wow well done!! What a great first KC outing you had! He is a little star!

I know exactly how you felt - I was scared stiff before I ran Smudge in the UK for the first time. But isn't it the best feeling in the world when it all goes right?!?! x

Johanna said...

Well done Karen & Todd!!!! Luv from Grandpa Monty :o)

Hudsondoglets said...

What a great start to your agility career together. Well done.

Nancy & Andy