Monday, 16 March 2009

Lovely weekend

I have had a lovely weekend, it was lovely to see every one at mid downs on Saturday, special well dones go to Andy and Kizzy and Bernadette and Zen and Leah and Hex, not a bad start to the year :-)

I was also extremely pleased with Todd his contacts were just as I hoped they would be, and I was disciplined with myself and made sure that he was in the correct position before I released him, which is why I have had to spend the whole of the winter proofing and re training his contacts in the first place !! a small handler glitch pointed him straight to the dog walk instead of the weave entrance in the Burgess qualifier, but the rest of the round was good. My jumping was a total disaster as I brought myself a few new pairs of tracky bottoms and the pair I chose to wear to the show started to fall as I was running so I decided better to stop than embarrass myself any further !

I wont comment about Jess as I ran her like a complete half witt !

Yazz had a ball at the show she met lots and lots of pups and there was a bit of a sheltie convention at the end, I think in total there was about 7 shelties, and surprisingly there was not too much noise from any of them, not even mine !!!!!!!

I was meant to go to the Chippenham show on Sunday, but decided to stay at home with Meg and have some girly time, she has been working so hard lately and wanted to do a photo shoot for her art with Todd as the white rabbit from the Mad hatters tea party, it was great fun, and Todd was a saint he just sat in his outfit for about 1/2 hour, I think he secretly loves being dressed up, specially when there was 1/2 a cup of tea as a reward !! here are a couple of pictures of them having fun and one that Meg has edited for her art.

I even managed to get my grass cut, I think that must be one of my most favourite things in the world is looking and smelling a freshly cut lawn, shame mine has a few craters in it now !

The last picture is of Todd and his most favourite ball of all time, its a shame its pink lol lol and Yazz trying to kill the camera :-)


Paula said...

It was lovely to see all the sheltie pups together and I think Todd looks very handsome in his outfit.

Hudsondoglets said...

Great pics. Now Todd knows how it feels to be Poppy with those ears!

I HAVE TO SAY, IF I'M HONEST they are just a little bit RIDICULOUS ......

Lian said...

Well done to all the OBays at Mid-Downs.

Love Toddie's photos, he looks so cute with the outfit. Absolutely gorgeous!

Hooch and troops said...

Cant believe i missed all of your runs...we did manage a quick hi though! I did turn round at one point and see a sea of shelties which was the photo of Meg and Toddie not sure who is enjoying the dressing up the most!!! lol i think u need to have a word with Toddie about his love of pink toys!!!!!! lol


Gina said...

Aww Todd looks great in his outfit, love those shots!

ann said...

It was great to catch up with you at mid downs Karen and finally meet the lovely Yazz.Love the photos of Meg and Todd.

Ann xx