Thursday, 26 March 2009

Another good weekend

Princess Yazz :-)
I had another really good weekend, on Saturday I went on a Nicky Garret training day with Todd, which was brilliant, I came away with more than one thing too Nick !! I love Nicky's way of handling to me it makes total sense, the weather was brilliant and Todd worked really well, I wish I had videoed some of it, I must remember to take my tripod and video next time I go on a training day. On Sunday I took Yazz on Hannah's Co-ordination and balance afternoon, she really enjoyed it and so did I, she took all of the things in her stride and I came away feeling very proud of her, she also managed to concentrate even with both her sisters there, whom she adores ( not sure that the feeling is mutual thought I think there is an old saying that goes..... 3's a crowd lol lol ) and Sharon's lovely puppy diesel too who she really fell in love with at Mid downs show. Before we went to the class we took a walk on Chertsey meads with Bernadette and Dennis here are some pictures of Yazz with her sisters, on her own and also of Todd and Corrie dripping wet just come out of the river, thanks again Dennis for the pictures.


Hooch and troops said...

Fab header...u could make a business out of doing these!!

Yazz is georgous and even Cola liked her (as u know thats amazing for Cola!) cant wait to see that little girl rock n roll


Orable and Charlie said...

What fun - beautiful pics! Have a Happy Easter!