Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Catch up again !! OK Hannah this is for you are you keep reminding me that I have not done it for AGES!!!!!!!

I have been a extremely bad blogger recently, lots going on here, least of all one very happy eager pup, so most of my spare time is being spent doing little bits of trick training and socialisation with Yazoo at the moment, but I have had a fantastic few weeks, I will start with the first couple of UKA shows Scrambles and Waverunners. I love these shows the atmosphere is brilliant I really like the fact that I am able to choose whether to train or run my dogs, in each class, because they are smaller I find it easier to be able to watch my friends do their runs too. Todd won both his novice agility classes and qualified for the Royal Canin final and has now moved up to Senior level, and Jess runs at Champ level and had a 2nd in the Canin agility and won a steeplechase, Corrie had a great time running with Bern and got a nice place too. Here are some ringside pictures of Yazz and Itzy playing.

Next came the ESS show at Blewbery which happened to coincide with my birthday, again Todd ran really well, and won grade 3 – 5 agility, with beautiful contacts, he is now meeting my criteria in the ring as well as in training. He won a lovely cup for coming 1st which has got significant sentimental value, so thank you Todd :-)
Bernadette and Dennis had a birthday cake done for me and here it is, not only was it fantastic to look at it was very tasty too! I had some lovely presents too, including a pink glass sheltie ! an extremely useful new cage bag for my van ( and anyone that knows me knows that I have the odd toy or two to house lol lol ) a new fleece and Tshirt with a sheltie on some lovely flowers and some Bailys yum yum yum
my lovely cake.

I had a couple of weeks off for Easter, and had a fun and busy time.I had some great walks with friends and good training, Yazz started a puppy foundation class which I really think she is going to enjoy, I enjoyed my judging at the Easter show, there are lots of really nice smalls and mediums babies just starting competition at the moment. Todd did me proud by winning into grade 6 on the Saturday too.

I also got a new caravan thanks to Andy's keen eyes, he found it for me and its FANTASTIC, so this weekend was its first airing at Wallingford show, this was also Yazz's first camping show and she loved it, the weather started off a bit pants but just got better and better, I had a great weekend lovely company and some really good bits of agility, with both Jess and Todd. Here are some pictures of the weekend, my caravan, only when I downloaded the picture did I realise that there was a beer bottle in it oh dear !! there is a picture of a very very healthy lunch can't quite remember who's it was :-) and another one of someone just loving watching others work !!!


Christine said...

Congratulations with the darling Todd. Go the OBays :-)

ann said...

Happy belated birthday Karen and well done on winning into grade 6 with Todd. xx

Hudsondoglets said...

It was a lovely weekend with lovely company.

I have no idea who ate that unhealthy lunch. Disgusting!

Orable and Charlie said...

Hello Todd, your pretty cake cheers us right up! Have a lovely weekend, as I know you will!

licks & slobbers,
Charlie & human