Thursday, 3 April 2008

Quick post

So much going on at the moment, last week my work computer crashed and I had to get a new one, however nice it is to have a much smarter looking computer with a really good screan, how long does it take to upload and download everything you had on your previous computer, just so that you can do all your normal day to day things aghgh.

My lounge is also being re plastered at the moment, as I thought a couple of months ago that it would be a really nice to be able to just paint the lounge and not have to re wall paper it, so I started wall paper stripping about 6 weeks ago, and didnt realise that in total there were 6 layers of wall paper on most of the walls, NEVER AGAIN !! I also realised why the previous owners had wall papered not painted the walls were in a terrible state any way this is what my lounge looks like now not very pretty !! and six dogs in my bedroom and office is a bit of a squeeze but they seem to be quite happy lying on my bed all day !!

I went to see the pups on Tuesday and they are all really gorgeous, and little mouse is so funny and just too cute for words.

I am off to scrambles UKA on Friday and Sunday and to Scunthorpe on Saturday so will post again next week.

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Hudsondoglets said...

Good luck at the shows! Hope the weather stays fine.